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Optimum SourcePlus

Optimum SourcePlus is a world class spend management software suite designed to maximise value and drive additional savings for our clients.

With powerful technology at our disposal, we radically improve our clients’ profitability through significant and sustainable cost reduction programmes, enhanced supply chain management and an intelligent use of advanced spend analytics.

For some of our clients, it would be unfeasible for them to heavily invest in bespoke spend management software. As part of our service offering, we bring a powerful range of technology capabilities to the table, allowing our clients to leverage otherwise unattainable levels of technological prowess and analytical ability.


Our eSourcing suite includes electronic tendering, auction and contract management tools – all of which help us deliver bottom line savings on behalf of our clients.  An easy and intuitive platform leads to improved supplier relationships by encouraging collaboration and transparent stakeholder involvement.

Our eTendering toolset streamlines the tender process, allowing buyers to electronically create, distribute, collect and store tender documents. eAuction functionalities deliver a mechanism for us to secure the best possible supply chain value for our clients, driving competitive behaviour through the use of real-time online bidding and negotiations.

The sourcing process is made far less labour intensive and time consuming than with traditional manual systems, allowing for a more sophisticated and efficient sourcing environment.

Optimum Savings Tracker

Based on our extensive procurement expertise and experience, we have developed a unique Savings Tracker module which allows us to precisely analyse our clients’ expenditure. Areas of inefficient or rogue spending are easily identified, leading to significant and sustainable cost reduction opportunities.

Savings are clearly and transparently displayed so our clients see exactly how we reduce their costs, add value to their sourcing activities and, ultimately, improve their profitability.

Multiple data sources are collated and converted into easy to understand reports displaying all spend data in one place, allowing easy analysis of overall expenditure levels as well as category specific spend. Flexible reporting options give total visibility of spend and savings through the entire purchasing lifecycle.

Systems Integration

Optimum SourcePlus can be used either completely separately to existing financial management systems or as a fully integrated spend management suite, encompassing data from existing systems and data sources. This flexible approach allows us to select the most suitable methodology for each of our individual clients. For some organisations, the most productive approach is to have our software run in the background, enhancing our procurement capabilities while leaving incumbent financial management systems in place and unaffected.

Alternatively, Optimum SourcePlus can easily be implemented in conjunction with existing systems to provide a unified and fully comprehensive spend management solution. In such circumstances quick, easy and seamless integration with incumbent financial management systems – such as SAP, Sage, Oracle, Agresso and others – ensures a hassle free implementation process.

As experts in successfully implementing change management programmes, we are well positioned to oversee the introduction of Optimum SourcePlus and ensure that the most suitable level of integration is adopted.  

Intuitive Web-Based Interface

Operated via an intuitive web-based interface, the powerful capabilities of Optimum SourcePlus are available to our procurement practitioners, clients and suppliers via any internet enabled device including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Optimum SourcePlus’s powerful toolkit can be accessed anywhere, anytime without the need for expensive hardware or specialist equipment.

Substantial Combined Buying Power

As a leading procurement services provider, we work with world class clients and suppliers around the world, with particularly strong relationships in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and North America. Our bespoke sourcing technology platform is designed to leverage substantial combined buying power, allowing us to attract the best suppliers, negotiate the best deals and garner maximum value for each of our individual clients.