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26th Sep 16

Optimum Fleet's Michelle Acton Completes 10K Walk of Hope in Aid of The Christie

Optimum Fleet's Michelle Acton Completes 10K Walk of Hope in Aid of The Christie

Michelle Acton, Optimum’s Fleet Operations Manager, recently completed the 10K Walk of Hope at Tatton Park in aid of The Christie. Together, the staff at Optimum raised over £350 to donate to this very worthy cause.

Sadly, like so many people, cancer has affected various parts of Michelle’s family - in February, her father Denis was diagnosed with terminal prostate and bone cancer. More recently, it has affected Michelle’s wider family, in particular her partner’s sister Sue Fagin.

Sue’s partner of twelve years, Wolfgang (Wolf), was diagnosed with terminal oesophagus cancer in July 2015 and was given just six to twelve months to live. Just as they were coming to terms with Wolf’s diagnosis, Sue also found out she had breast cancer - a devastating blow for the couple.

“It’s very rare that a couple would be diagnosed with cancer at the same time”, Wolf said. “But at the same time it shows how common cancer is and why we need to support amazing places like The Christie”.

These events spurred Michelle on to take part in the walk, with the aim of raising a grand total of £5000 to support the amazing work the Christie does for people with cancer.

On behalf of everyone at Optimum, we would like to congratulate Michelle on her achievement for this great cause that helps so many people. Well done!

To find out more about The Christie and the brilliant work it does, please visit their website by clicking here.