The Dawn of Procurement's New Value Proposition

Procurement’s role within organisations is changing dramatically. Optimum Procurement collaborated with a panel of leading purchasing and supply executives, seeking to define how the CPO and its function would need to adapt in order to deliver value to the business in the future. The topic was hotly debated by the group, who’s combined wisdom helped to define six priorities, or signposts, to future value:

  • Intelligent cost reduction
  • Risk management
  • Customer centricity
  • Sustainability and diversity
  • Brand, visibility and PR
  • Embracing change

The procuremeProcurement Value Proposition Whitepapernt function must address an increasingly sophisticated agenda in meeting the needs and demands of modern business. This roundtable validated our long-held view that competency in procurement and supply chain management is a prerequisite skill set that must be fully embedded inside organisations.

Download our whitepaper or watch our Procurement Value Proposition video for more information.

If you want to know how your peers saw the business value proposition challenge ahead for procurement our Procurement Value Proposition video contains the views of some of the UK’s leading purchasing and supply executives, from organisations including BNP Paribas, Land Securities, Norland and Kent Business School.